Birthday Party Puppet Shows

If you liked us at the mall or at a festival, you'll love us in your home!

The Dallas Puppet Theater's special brand of fun is now available in your living room! No more trips to the mall, no more lost children; just a fun-filled entertainment package designed especially for living rooms, back yards, or anywhere you need a little extra fun.

String Variety!

ddA fun-filled musical marionette show with lots of intejojoraction, large colorful puppets, and loads of fun! Your child gets to be a part of the performance, helping us demonstrate the magic of the marionette in an unforgettable way! Imagine the fun as your child's guests get a backstage peek at the secret world of puppetry. finding out that puppets are made out of all kinds of things, even --peanut butter ??!?

The Dallas Puppet Theater is making memories every week for children of all ages.

Now you can buy terrific puppet items to go with your party!

Contact us for more information (214) 515-0004

or email us at

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